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The Rules for the Forum Empty The Rules for the Forum

Post by CriminalAnarchist on Tue Feb 16, 2010 11:16 am

So let's cover our bases. These are the general rules according to the T.o.S of the hosting site. On the other board moderators might have different rules, but think of it this way...their rules are state laws, these rules are federal. Wink

1. NO PORN. no images or videos on here of sexual acts, nudity, or inside out rectums.
2. NO TROLLING. i see trolling as people who post things that are complete irrlevant, pointless, or just plain stupid. i.e "......." or "Smile"
3. NO FLAM WARS. If something needs to be settled take it to the debate board, there will be no "flaming" of "n00bs" everyone is welcome to this forum and since you don't know them I suggest you give them a chance.
4. NO MENTION OF ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. unless of course it's hypothetical
5. THINK BEFORE YOU POST. If you are going to post i suggest you do a little research unless the thread involves your opinion, beliefs, or thoughts...otherwise stick to the facts.
6. KEEP AN OPEN MIND. this forum isn't meant for the masses people are suppose to and should disagree, but remember even though you may disagree with a member on one topic you may agree on another. (this one isn't so much of a rule as it is a sugesstion)

failure to comply with these rules may land you in "court" and even potential banning. Have fun, play nice, and think for yourself!


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