The Book of Abbadon - New book to the Satanic Bible I wrote

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The Book of Abbadon - New book to the Satanic Bible I wrote

Post by sway on Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:55 pm


I - In the mountainous ridges to the desert plains my foes shall bow before me and those who don't shall be devoured by me like the Venus Flytap devours its prey

II - By the millions shall man bow and see who I am the Dstroyer, The Harbringer, The Administer of Pain

III - For the "righteous" and "holy" shall crumble before me like a crab shell under iron shod feet

IV - I demand explanation for reason of your hopes and pipe dreams

V - I do not bow before your idols of false hope, and those that try to bind me by their "Commandments" shall be destroyed

VI - I spit in the "Holy Icons" face and tear words in his chest proclaiming "THE TRUE DEVIL - RUINER OF WORLDS

VII - Nothing shall bend me against my will

VIII - All the do not allow my gratification shall move aside or be forever damned

IX - My armies shall claim this world as my own


I - All "Holy Philosophers" shall stay my wrath as I laugh manically at their demise

II - Behold the crucifix what does it symbolize? Pallid Incompetence on a Tree

III - I question all things. My quest for glory shall not be holted and when the moral dogma reviels itself I shall reviel itself I shall reviel it as eternal fraud

IV - Death defiant let me hear your roar. Our warcry shall strike fear in all that oppose us and in turn this world shall be ours

V - Too long have these "holymen" tainted the earth of the true nature of man

VI - Too long these "Clergymen" have dictated to the masses what is "good" and "evil"

VII - I am here to bring truth to those that allow it. And speak the truth the "evil" is but "Live" spelt in reverse

VIII - No "righteousness" text shall be taken as principal right of "Divine" power

IX - As environment changes so shall I, Mine enemies shall falter as I become like water changing to my environmental advantage


I - Let all dogma be destroyed and all "Holymen" br uprooted and purged from existence

II - Let the alledged "truths" be seen for what they really are - Lies of the brutalist kind

III - No longer shall the "truths" rid my fellow man of gratifications and self respect

IV - Let self deciet make way to self gratification, Let love for my enemies make way for vengence, Let spiritual pipe dreams make way for those so called "sins", This is how my existence shall reign, Like the animal I am, The animal I am able to come to terms with that that that the "Righteous" cannot

V - Is it natural for me to love my enemies? How shall I destory them if I show but an ounce of mercy towards them?

VI - Mercy shall become weakness in time of war, Like acrobats in a circus, Split seconds of hesitation will cause untold damage, Mercy is hesitation

VII - If mine enemies show mercy he be a fool, And I shall suffer no fool

VIII - They shall anme me the Destroyer and destroy i shall, The ages change and so shall i. A mere force at work in the ever lasting universe

IX - The angel of "Truths" shall fall and the Satanists shall spread the word of pleasures and of flesh


I - The skys shall glow with light and I shall still sleep

II - I* shall awake to iundulge in whatever I shall desire

III - My existence shall be taken with no limits, No pipe dreamers shall bestow their "Spiritual" propaganda on me and remain to spread their words

IV - My wisdom shall be undefiled and with no self deciet

V - All "All loving" ingrates that are hypocritical towards me shall be smite down while i smash them from my path

VI - I shall show pure vengence even in defeat to those who try to make me turn the other cheek

VII - All those who feel I owe them something when I owe them nothing will be hunted to my full extent and concern

VIII - I am to come to terms with the fact I am an animal in my own right and will never forget that although I don't stand on all fours I am no better than a common animal, Although more ferocious

IX - I WILL remind all "righteous" followers I am the best friend they have ever had as it is I who has kept them in business all these years

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